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Logistics conference / Bruxelles / 7 et 8 novembre 2013

Le 24 Septembre 2013

The European Commission has for long time recognised the economic importance of the freight transport logistics sector.

Therefore, the objective of the European policies has been not only creating a fully integrated and multimodal freight transport system but also establishing the right framework conditions for shippers and the freight transport logistics sector alike to run their business efficiently, to enable them to further grow and to safeguard the EU competitive position in the global market.

A variety of policy measures was put down firstly in the 2007 Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan and then continued through development of transport modes, policy and financial support to intermodal solutions, and initiatives aimed at creating favourable economic environment both at the EU and international level. The Commission will continue to do so by striving for an even more integrated policy approach in support of the freight transport logistics industry.

The conference shall bring together the logistics industry, shippers, transport operators and policy makers. It invites for discussions on current trends and developments, bottlenecks and possible solutions, and whether and which role public bodies and in particular the European Commission can and should play.

The outcome of the Conference will feed directly into the preparation of a follow-up to the 2007 Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan foreseen for the first half of 2014

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